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The Florian School of Dance - Testimonials


"Thank you to everyone involved in ‘Over the Rainbow’ for an absolutely incredible show - truly we were blown away by every aspect of it: all the creative inspiration taken from the original movie, the elaborate costumes, (I still can’t believe Dorothy’s dress changed colour!), and the talented army of kids you coached so well into smiling, confident dancers, singers and actors. We had tears in our eyes as the curtain closed at the thought of the effort and the long road through Covid it took to get there - so thank you for persevering! It was a privilege for my daughter to take part in this inspiring production."


"We were SO impressed by the show, and the sheer scale of the production you managed to pull together. What an incredible amount of work! And performed to such a high standard - everyone was so slick, from the older leads to the little tiny muchkins and unicorns. It was absolutely brilliant, and so entertaining. My girls loved every minute - it has given them such special memories. I think it was a great experience for them – everything from performing to a big audience to having to stay on top of all those speedy costume changes!"


Summer Dance School

"Dear Miss FitzGerald, I just wanted to thank you and your team for the Summer Dance School last week. Joanie and Tess had the time of their lives and loved every moment. When I picked Tess up after the first day, the first thing she said to me was, ‘Can we do it again next year?’ And this is a girl who is often nervous to try new things!

They loved getting a chance to try out so many new dances as well as musical theatre. Joanie adored taking part in the choreography competition and hearing those lovely comments from Stuart just topped off a perfect week.

Please pass on our thanks to your inspiring, wonderful team who took such care of them."

Emily H

"Thank you for giving Ruari such a fantastic experience at SDS last week, he loved it!"

Hannah B

"Nancy thoroughly enjoyed her first time at the Summer Dance School. She made some lovely friends and really enjoyed trying out the different styles of dance. The sessions were so well organised – its a huge thumbs up from us!"

Nicola H

"Thank you for organising another excellent adult dance workshop this afternoon. It really was good fun and even better than last year, if that’s possible. My only other feedback would be that I wish we could do it more often!  My daughter had a super time too (I know this because she now thinks that I am the best mum ever – just because she was able to go!) Sincere thanks from us both."

Sarah T

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the adult summer dance session yesterday. I was so impressed with the quality of teaching, what a wonderful experience. 

I especially enjoyed the Contemporary and the Ballroom/Latin lessons, both Alex and Nicholas were brilliant to work with, put us at ease and I think felt we had learnt something! I certainly learnt a lot from them and would definitely consider coming again next year. 

Emily & William are absolutely loving dance school. I have never known Emily to be so focussed on anything.

Thank you again and looking forward to the new term and of course the show next summer!"

Helen P

"Thank you for such a varied and interesting summer school. Abigail especially got a lot out of the choreography competition – choosing and editing music, working out steps and planning costumes! A real boost to her confidence. Thank you again."

Glynis S

Online Classes

"Whilst not quite the same as ’normal’ classes - the Zoom lessons with Miss Emma have been fantastic! Great fun and brilliantly delivered! They have been a real high point in the week for our daughter, classes that she is looking forward to and really enjoyed. So many thanks for keeping this going and making such a success of it. Your efforts are really very much appreciated."

L Sharrock

"I cannot thank you enough for continuing with lessons remotely. It has not only helped my daughter with practising her ballet but also provided some additional structure and sense of still being in touch with her friends through these very strange times."

G Perceval-Maxwell

"Thank you for arranging online dance classes this term. My girls have enjoyed them a great deal - it’s the most personal contact they have had with any of their teachers so it has meant a lot."

C Allerton


"Dear Miss FitzGerald, I wanted to add my voice to those congratulating you on the most breathtaking performance yet. I find it profoundly moving that you are able to inspire such true excellence in our children. What an immense gift and done with such grace and capability. My daughter is transformed! Thank you for showing our children new heights of beauty."

C Carson

"Dear Miss FitzGerald, What an amazing evening! I cannot begin to describe our amazement, enjoyment and wonderment. We travel around this country and Europe going to Covent Garden, Sadlers Wells, Glynebourne, La Scala, Salzburg etc in search of good dancing, music and singing but we can not recall a single performance that came halfway to meeting the standards you have set your pupils. Well done and to your teachers."

R Porter


"Dear Miss FitzGerald

And so...the time has come...
to bid farewell...that final curtain...
from summer schools, to show time thrills...
and exam halls...results uncertain...

'Thank You' so much...for all the joy
for funny times and lovely laughter...
for bandaged feet...and pirouettes,
for lilting tunes, recalled here after.

Great memories, more than a few
come now to mind, La Fille mal gardee,
the parapluie, the gardenrs' dance.
the Can-Can fling and those degage

To crown them all, we had a ball
At Summer School, she won a trophy.
Midsummer's Dream, my favourite scene
The costume fien, she looked a posy

And's time ot say
A big thank you...from her rel-a-tions
dance kept her sane...through all the stress
of college and examinations!

A parent

"Annette has taught my daughter for 6 years, from the early stages of primary ballet through to gaining a scholarship place at vocational ballet school, Elmhurst. She has supported her at every step, knowing exactly when to put on the pressure or when to take it off, gently guiding and encouraging her through building up the number of classes, auditioning for touring companies, vocational schools and helping us through the emotional journey of decision making! I can only credit Annette with my daughters success! Gaining places with the National Youth Ballet, English Youth Ballet, Junior Associate with the Royal Ballet and now dancing at the Birmingham Royal Ballet school has been down to her empowering approach to teaching. She has nurtured the love of dance in my daughter, never making it feel like a chore, always giving praise and corrections in a positive and constructive way. Annette’s own passion for dance shines out of her, and she teaches with a smile and such humour and energy, even the shyest most unconfident child can be coaxed to taking giant leaps across the hall! Whether your child is looking for a career in dance, or dancing just for fun, Annette will bring out the best in them!"

Emma W

Our three children have been dancing with the Florian School of Dance for the last 10 years. Between them they have attended ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and modern classes. I have always been impressed with how well they are taught, but also how supported and happy they are with the teachers, especially Annette. They have fun but are pushed to reach their very best. Annette seems to really care about every child as an individual and notices when they are out of sorts. Sam wants to be a dancer and Annette is great at helping us to know which auditions he should attend and where he needs to improve. She is realistic but very encouraging. Being the only boy in many classes can be hard but the teachers really encourage and support them especially my older son who started dancing as a teenager. The show that happens every three years is always so professional and all the children shine. I have helped backstage and Florian always feels like a family where all the children and teachers support each other. It is not just another ballet school.

Vicky R

Dear Annette

After much thought ,Rosanna has decided that the time has come to give up her ballet career. She has been learning ballet with you since she was three years old, and ballet, and you, have been a key part of her life for this time. She has had a marvellous time during her lessons, her exams, and the shows. Thank you so much for all that you have done for and with her, and for fostering within her a true love of dance, which she will continue enjoying both in herself and watching others.

Catherine P

With Florian you learn how to do the steps but you also have loads of fun and enjoy doing it. Even being the only boy in some of the classes could be hard but you still have fun and enjoy going. The teachers do push you to do well , but they also help you if you are confused and they are easy to talk to.


Thank you so very much for all the support you have given Maddie and indeed all my girls.  Maddie has loved her ballet and other dance classes and your amazing shows at The Point. You are completely brilliant and I am so glad to have found you when we first moved down here. 

Anna H

Summer School


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